By LaKendra S.
Grade 4, Wisconsin

LA Kendra for President!

Why you should vote for me? Is the question I want you to think about throughout my story .You should vote for me, LA Kendra president of the united states of America becauseÖ First Iíd be the first female president .Second I would help people in the military .Iíd help people in need or need help.

One ,You should vote for me .To be the first female president .In all of history of history of presidents .Iíd not only be the first female president .But in all of 176 years of presidents .Isnít that amazing that thereĎs never been a women president yet.

Two, you should vote for me .Me and my agents ,will give the military a couple new weaponís to use .We would all so give more advise .On how to win against other teams. We would work together to bring in more military forceís .Last stop wars that are for no reason.

Finally, you should vote for me because .Iíd open up a homeless shelter ,for people how need a home .If they need anything Iíll go and get it for them .Iíd make them feel at home and welcome them in for coffee and a snack.

Iíve all was wanted to be president ,of the United States of America .I just gave you three fantastic reasonís .why you should vote for me .Remember Iím only ten so you still have a long way to go .So I hope you think about it every day .until I get picked to run for president of the U.S.

The End!

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