By Hannah P.
Grade 5, Arizona

Arizona just put in many new bike paths around the city and they donít want to waste them, otherwise, itís just money thatís been thrown away. You can also preserve the environment by riding a bike and taking one more car off the street. Everyone should have a healthy life style and ride their bike more often. Riding your bike can help the community in many ways, too. In other words, preserving our environment by riding a bike to the places near you will make our world a greener, happier, place.
With the air cleaner and the grass greener just because one in ten people are riding their bikes more often, imagine if one in five started to ride their bikes to the places around them. When the city builds bike paths and they become unused, the city council members will want to turn them into something more useful like a hotel or restaurant, so their not only taking out the bike path, but the beautiful area around it. Itís important that we all get out there and not let all these amazing paths go to waste. If people start to ride their bikes more often, then when someone does decide to drive they will be in fresh air on less crowded streets. Riding your bike can also be safer than driving! When you are driving, you can be in a bad car crash and receive very bad injuries, but if you are riding your bike and crash, chances are you wonít have as bad of injuries as long as you are sure to wear your helmet. Not only is riding your bike good for the world, but for your body too!
Instead of just sitting around and being a couch potato, get out there and ride your bike to get into a more fit condition. Riding your bike is helping your body in many ways. It can increase the strength in your leg muscles because of the pedaling and hard work that goes into your thighs and calves. It can also help increase your balance and flexibility in many ways. Riding helps stretch out your arms and legs and makes you balance on your seat while you pedal to keep your wheels on the ground. Riding a bike is also good for your cardiovascular fitness. It will help you be able to run and work out for longer amounts of time. Riding your bike can be good for you and it can also be good for the people around you.
Pollution is one of the number one things that people get sick. Because of all of this dirty air it is hard for them to get better. One of your neighbors could be that person, so get out there and ride your bike instead of driving. One reason why itís nicer for your neighbors that you are riding a bike is that they donít have to worry about all the cars going up and down the road while their kids go out and play in the street. It also helps to know that you and everyone around you will be breathing fresher air in a more beautiful world! Your neighbors will enjoy the beauty of our land and so will you because you are riding a bike in nature and going different places while the people around you donít have to listen to the nasty sound a car brings.
Lastly, the city is running out of money and partly why is because they spent it on bike paths. If they go to waste, then so does the money! It helps your community and the world around you to ride your bike. Riding your bike helps your body and makes you stronger.
In conclusion, it makes your community cleaner to ride a bike. Get out there and be that person who changes the world by riding your bike!

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