By Yitzi H.
Grade 5, Washington
Country of Origin: Austria

We did an oral history of Dr. Steinbrecher. An oral history is asking questions about immigration and recording the answers. Dr. Steinbrecher is a chemist and a member of our community. Our class made the questions about immigration and then interviewed him.
Dr. Steinbrecher was born in Austria. He had one brother. His family was middle class. He was closer to his nanny than his mother. When Hitler came into power, Austria became a hard place for Jews. They decided to leave.
The family sold many things and shipped out the rest. They could not get out. Finally in 1940, his parents went to Russia then to Japan and on to the United States. Dr.
Steinbrecher got out earlier. A congregation called B'nai Brith sponsored him out. He left May 27, 1939. He got very seasick. They were hungry and ate a lot of food on the ship. The journey took 10 days.
Dr. Steinbrecher landed in New York. He lived with a foster family. He skipped a grade in school because in Austria, schools were harder and he is very intelligent. Later, Dr.
Steinbrecher was reunited with his parents in Seattle.
I learned that many immigrants suffered because of Hitler. I think Dr. Steinbrecher is a good story teller. I liked his visit.

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