New Jersey

By justin w.
Grade 6, New Jersey

Dear Mom and Dad,
Do you want to work less when it comes to cooking dinner for the whole family? Well, I would love to help you guys cook faster and get dinner done sooner. Here are some reasons why.
First of all, if you would send me to cooking class we could get dinner done sooner and enjoy delicious that maybe you wouldn't even know. Although it would be a lot of money depending on where you send me, it would be a learning experience for me and we coould get dinner done much sooner.
Next up, if you would send me somewhere else, the house wouldn't be as noisy in the house. I would learn a bunch of new skills that you wouldn't know. Show you guys what I learned and put my skills to cook dinner for the family. That's why you should send me to a cooking class.
So as one can see, that's why you should send me to cooking class. We can get dinner done sooner and eat more amd more delicious meals everyday.
Your Son,

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