By Alexandra M.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Germany

My Grandmother came to the U.S.A so she could be with her husband. He was an American soldier so she had to live where the military told them to. She was not forced to go where her husband had to go. She actually wanted to come to the US. Today I get to ask my grandmother some questions about her life when she came to America.
Alex: How long have you lived in America and where did you come from?

Oma: I have lived here for 48 years. Since 1964. I came from Leukorsdorf Germany which was ruled by Russia.

Alex: What made you decide to leave?

Oma: I got married and there were opportunities for me. There was also more freedom of speech and I had more rights. I also loved many different things.

Alex: How did u get here and what was the journey like?

Oma: I got here on an airplane. I was very excited but very scared at the same thing. I was really scared at the same time. I wanted to leave, but I wanted to stay.

Alex: How did How did feel when you first got here?

Oma: I was excited, looking for new adventures, and a new way of life. I wanted to start a new life for me and my husband.

Alex: Where did you live when you first got here and what made you want to live there?

Oma: I lived in New Jersey. The military dictated where we lived. The military had even decided where we lived before we got there so I didnít know where I was going to live.

Alex: When you got to America, was it hard to make the change to become an American?
Oma: Yes, because of the language barrier, cultural differences and the way of doing things.

Alex: If you could have chosen where to live when you first arrived, where would that be?

Oma: Florida, because I thought it was pretty and the weather was nice and warm. Where I came from it was colder with a lot of rain and snow.

Alex: What are the differences between America and where you lived in Germany?

Oma: More cars here. Bigger distances from city to city. You got more for your money. You got a wider variety of things to choose from.

Alex: What do you love here but miss back in Germany?

Oma: When I left, I missed my family and friends, holiday traditions. Here I love that you can achieve things quicker.
Alex: What do you remember most about the day you arrived in America?

Oma: I remember landing in giant New York, how dirty it was and thinking about my pictures I had of my friends and family.

I learned that my Grandmother was married to an American solider. I also learned that the place where she grew is much different then here. I learned that she did not live in Georgia when she first got here she lived in New Jersey. I think the readers will learn that there are many differences between here and there. I think readers will see how hard it is to move from your hometown. I think readers also learned that it is hard to make the changes from the German traditions to the American traditions. I learned a lot about my grandmother and I hope you did too!!!

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