By Claire A.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Russia

Today I am getting the chance to interview a Russian immigrant named Vera (who is a hard worker with three jobs and one of the jobs is working at my home) about her new life in America and her old life in Russia. Although she works at my house I still call her my friend.

Claire: “Where were you born?”

Vera: “I was born in Russia.”

Claire: “How old were you when your family moved to the US?”

Vera: “I was six years old when I moved.”

Claire: “Why did you all leave and come to the US?”

Vera: “We just decided to move to America.”

Claire: “What did you like most about the country you came from?”

Vera: “ People offered to help a lot in Russia. “

Claire: “How long have you been living in America?”

Vera: “Twelve and one half years.”

Claire: “Do you like America better or worse than where you are from?”

Vera: “Here; I know more about it.”

Claire: “Are you glad you all moved to America?”

Vera: “Yes, because I have more friends here and I know about the culture.”

Claire: “Do you have family where you are from that you had to leave?”

Vera: “Yes. Half of my family is still there.”

Claire: “Do you plan to go back and visit your hometown?”

Vera: “I was planning to this summer, but now I might go back next summer.”

Claire: “What is the biggest difference between America and where you are from?”

Vera: “It is almost the same. The streets were gravel, but it is mostly the same.”

Vera likes America and wanting to go back to her home to see her family in Russia. She likes Russia but America is where she wants be most of her life.

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