By Eliabeth R.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Mexico

Patricia is a server in the Fairway Grill at the Chattanooga Gold & country Club and has been in the United States for twenty years. I have known her since I was a little girl. My mom and dad have known her for fourteen years and think she is a very nice person. Her daughter has even babysat for my sister and me. My family and I went to dinner at the Country Club and I talked with Patricia about coming to the United States from Mexico.

Elizabeth: Where did you come from?
Patricia: I came from Tampaco Tam, Mexico. Thatís where I used to live in my early childhood.
Elizabeth: What was Mexico like?
Patricia: People were so nice to me. They were all so social.
Elizabeth: What was it like, the day you moved?
Patricia: It was a very happy day. I was also sad, because I was leaving some of my family.
Elizabeth: Did you get separated from anyone?
Patricia: Yes, I did. I got separated from my parents. Thatís why I was so sad to leave for America.
Elizabeth: What challenges did you face in the United States?
Patricia: I had a hard time learning the language. Itís so hard to learn a new language.
Elizabeth: Was it hard getting used to the United States?
Patricia: It was easy to get used to America. I was so happy to be in America.
Elizabeth: What were you like as a child?
Patricia: I was a good girl when I was little. I was never bad to anyone.
Elizabeth: Why did you come to the United States?
Patricia: I wanted a better life. I knew the United States of America was a good place to live.

Elizabeth: How did you find a place to live?
Patricia: I got married in Chattanooga, and we found a place to live. Now we have 3 children.
Elizabeth: What do you miss in Mexico?
Patricia: I miss my parents. I only see my parents once a year.

When she visits her family in Mexico, she stays for a few weeks in the summer. Her husband and children go, too. She is so happy that she lives in the United States! The United States gives her a better life than her home country of Mexico.

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