By Riley A.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Bolivia

1. Where are you from? I am from South America, La Paz, Bolivia

2. Why did you leave? I came to go to college.
3. Was it hard leaving? Really not; I had traveled a lot.
4. Was it scarry? Not at all. It was exciting because I was going to college. I had a scholarship to go to Spain but my Mom thought it was too far away.
5. What was your journey like? I came by plane, arrived in Miami and drove to Louisiana where I spent the first 3 weeks, then on to Kansas where I went to school where I graduated with a Bachelor's and then a Master's Degree
6. How did you like coming to America? I was young and independent, so as you can imagine, I was extremely happy.
7. Was it easy to find a job? Because of my degrees, I did not have a problem.
8. Did you leave anyone behind? My Mom and my older brothers
9. How is America different from your hoe country? Universities were much better in the US; no political interruptions.
10. Was it hard to find friends? No, as you can imagine, in college you make friends from day one and I have always had an easy time making friends.
11. What was the most fun thing about coming to America? College life, traveling to the mountains of Colorado once a month

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