By Josephine M.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Germany

Yesterday I asked my dad Patrick some questions about his life.

Josephine: What was your neighborhood like in Germany?

Patrick: It was different because I lived downtown in a city. My appartement was on the second floor of a 5 story townhouse. It was like in a larger city in the US but here in Chattanooga I live in the Enclave which is made of 200 lots with individual houses.

Josephine: When did you leave Germany and why?

Patrick: I left Germany in July 2006 to go an work in Spain Pamplona.

Josephine: How did you feel on the day you left Germany?

Patrick: I felt happy to go on a new adventure on the one hand and also a little scared on the other hand, not knowing how the family will be adjusting to the changes.

Josephine: How did you come in America?

Patrick: My company sent me to Chattanooga in September 2008. I was alone first. Ther rest of my family moved in July 2009.

Josephine: What did you do once you were in Chattanooga?

Patrick: I started to work with new colleagues and I met Chattanooga local people and visited the area

Josephine: How is Chattanooga different than your hometown?

Patrick: Chattanooga is different from my hometown because everything is much more spread out and you always need a car to do something. At home, I walked to school, I walked to the bakerís, I walked to my friend. Everything is concentrated in a walking distance.

Josephine: What kind of food do you miss from Germany?

Patrick: I miss the Spaetzle, the Maultaschen and the Streuselflaumenkuchen most!

Josephine: If you moved back to Germany What would you miss about America?

Patrick: I would miss the southern hospitality and the space of my home, on the roads and on the parking lots!

Josephine: Are you glad you came to America?

Patrick: It has been a real blessing to experience the American way of life and the Chattanoogan Way in particular

Josephine: What advice would you give to people that moved to America too?

Patrick: I would recommend them not to compare but to try to understand why people act the way they do.

Readers will learn how hard it is to move from your hometown to another place that you have never even been to.

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