By Reagan P.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: China

Jody is a student who moved from China to Atlanta, GA, in theUnited States. She studies at Emory. My family helps her adjust to living in a new country. She speaks English and Chinese and is a very skilled piano player. Yesterday, I asked her about how it was like to move from a new country.
Reagan:”Why did you leave?”
Jody: “I left China because the education in America was much better than in China. Education was important to me, so I moved here.”
Reagan: “What was your home country like?”
Jody: “It was very crowded there. There was always something going on, and there were many pretty things to see. People got angry and annoyed very easily, and weren’t very honest. It wasn’t safe to walk outside at night.”
Reagan: “How is the U.S. different?”
Jody: “It’s much less crowded here. It’s nice because you can go outside and walk in the evening without being in any danger. There are cars on the streets very late into the night. The people here are a lot more honest; the tell you how they feel when you need to improve.”
Reagan: “What was your school in China like?”
Jody: “The universities have almost twice as many classes that you have to take than in America, but there isn’t nearly as much homework for each one.”
Reagan:What did you have to leave behind?
Jody: “There were lots of things I couldn’t pack, but those things weren’t very important. The hardest thing to leave behing was my friends and family.”
Reagan: “What was it like the day you left?”
Jody: “I actually traveled to another place before I came to the United States. I was at a meeting with students from Emory, to get to know them. But the days leading up to that, I had lots of reunions with my friends and family.”
Reagan: “What was the trip here like?”
Jody: “It wasn’t too hard. There was a direct flight to Atlanta, which was nice.”

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