By Jace H.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Vietnam

The immigrant that I am interviewing is Mrs. Gyen Nguyen (Mai) she emigrated here from Vietnam at the age of 14.

JACE: Was it hard leaving?MS.
GYEN: Yes, it was very hard leaving.
JACE: Was it scary coming to America?
MS. GYEN: Yes, very scary I didnít know the language or have any friends in America.
JACE: Where did you come from?
MS. GYEN: Quang duc, Vietnam .
JACE: Was it hard finding friends?
MS. GYEN: Yes it was very hard, I didnít know the language
JACE: Did you find a job?
MS. GYEN: No I was young so I went to school.
JACE: What did you leave at your country that was special to you?
MS. GYEN: I left almost all of my family and all of my monkeyís, but the monkey that I miss the most was my tangerine. I learned that it can be very scary to leave everything you know and Love and move to a new country.

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