By Kahdijah U.
Grade 12, Pennsylvania
Country of Origin: Brazil

Being apart of four different history classes has made me eager to learn more things. My interveiwee comes from Brazil. I learned that the most spoken language is Portuguese. The most played sport is soccer. The time I would like to meet with my interveiwee is 3 pm on March 16,2012. The place I will like to meet is Starbucks which is located downtown,Philadelphia. I have several questions to conduct during my interveiw when it takes place. What is you name? How long did you live in Brazil? How was the trip when you was traveling to the United States?
How many of your family members live in the United States? What is the most played sport besides soccer?
Have you participated in any sports while living in Brazil?
How was the schooling in Brazil?
Was the education taught different than in the United States?
What is different from the United States than Brazil?
Are your parents from Brazil?
Did you have any family in the United States before you emigrated over here? What is the popular food in Brazil?
What are the reason that you emigrated to the United States ? How big is the population in Brazil?

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