By Candice B.
Grade 12, Other

Have you ever put left over food in the bin- instead of the fridge? Have you ever thought about how much money you spend on items you don’t actually need in life? Ever come back from work or school and say that your life sucks? Ever thought of the people in third world countries? How everyday they’re struggling to get by without food, water, shelter, or education! Ever got upset about failing a subject? Think about the children that don't even get to go to school! Just think for a moment.
Hi my name is Candice, and this is my associate Paige, and we are from the marketing company BEGONE. We are working together to make the poverty in Cambodia disappear. We can achieve this together by fundraising money to help ‘The Lighthouse Orphanage’ construct a building for the children to sleep in.
The Lighthouse Orphanage is just 15 minutes from Phnom Penh, housing 104 children aged from 3-18yrs old. The children have been rescued from the street after being abandoned by their parents for various reasons. The orphanage offers free housing, food and parental support to the children. This orphanage does not receive any form of funding from official offices. At the moment the orphans are living in proper housing, but inside the rooms they have 4 children to a bed. This is bad because diseases can be passed around easily from one person to another. By raising enough funding for the orphanage, we will be able to build extra housing for the children to sleep in.
Our idea for fundraising money for the Lighthouse Orphanage is to hold a school rave (disco) with drinks and snacks. In holding a rave for the fundraising event the will raise enough money to donate to the Lighthouse Orphanage to build their new sleeping accommodation. To implement this fundraising idea we need to advertise it around the school area putting up posters, talking at school assemblies and put it up on the E-CAT notices.
The dates for this fundraising event will be held on the 18th of May 2012. This would be a good date as it will gives us time to advertise the event, and time for us to organise the event. The costing for the event would be an entry fee of $5.00, and for food and drinks is $2.00. This would be a great price for the event as it is the same pricing as the past school raves. The theme for the rave is _____
Thank you for your time today for us to present our idea for fundraising! Make the poverty in Cambodia disappear with BEGONE!

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