By Maya P.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: Guyana

This is the story of how my dad immigrated to the U.S.My dad if from Guyana.He came to America in 1997.My dad came here because he wanted to find a better job.He had been to America so many times,he had wanted to move here.My dad came to America instead of another country because the people of America were really nice and he felt like he belonged there.He got to America by car.He saw the beautiful countrysite.My dad brought his car,some books,his coumputer,money,some men's jewelry,his phone,his first baseball gloves,clothes,and some of his friends phone numbers.He said he was very excited to come to America again!
While he was driving he thought of home.My dad left behind a lot of things like,friends,family,favorite restaurants,parents and his precious plants.When he got to America, he was treated superb.He felt a lot like he was home almost.....welcomed!
What was difficult was when he had to take the test for living in the U.S. for five years,the paperwork was terrible.Another thing was learning a new city.What was easy was he studied english so well, he could speak properly.He was fitting in well.My dad made lots of friends in no time. Right now he is in Guyana, but he will be back soon. This is the story of my dad, immigrating to the U.S.

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