Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: Cameroon

This paragraph is talking about a man called mr sone ekukole how he came to the united states.He came from cameroon in africa. He came to the us in 1998. He came to us because he wanted to go to school in the university in the us. He came to america instead of another country because of the good school system. he got to america by plane. His journey was long and tiring. He brought some clothes from africa with him,and it was hard to leave his family and friends behind. Thats what happend when he immigrated to the united states.
When mr Sone Ekukole reached the us he was treated well, nice and welcoming,and he felt well .But getting a visa was difficult for him.Nothing was easy immigrating to the united states,and thats what happened when hie immigrated to the united states.

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