By Marina M.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: El Salvador

This is a story of my dad Ramon E.Vasquez. He came from El Salvador to Maryland. He came on 2000 wanted to come to America because of the 1980 war that occured in El Salvador. How my got here was by visa. What my dad rought with himself was 2 pair of suites he couldn't bring more clothes because of the war happening, he couldn't bring more things with himself. What was hard for my dad to leave behind was his country, his family,and his job.

How my dad was treated was well. My dad felt weird, but he got use to it. What was difficult about immigrating to U.S.A. was that he misses his brother, sister, and other family members. What was easy about immigrating to U.S.A. was that he had a job waiting for him and the best uncle helping him from beginning to end. These are all my details or reasons why my stepfather Immigrated To U.S.A.

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