By Katia C.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: Honduras

This is Melvin's journey coming to America. My dad came from Central America,Honduras. He came in 1994. He came because he wanted to have a better life, to have better oppurtunities, and to have a great life. My dad walked to America. He walked through the Arizona Dessert day through night. He brought clothes,money, and his only picture of his girlfreind Wendy Mejia who became to be my mom. He lost everything when he came through border. His family and girlfreind were very hard to leave behind.He wanted to go back but if he did he knew he wouldn't have the life he has today. But his mom,sister ,and brother were here in America. Those were some details about his journey coming to America.
This is how my dad Melvin felt when he arrived in America.He was treated nicely since he has some family here. He felt happy and excited because he knew his life would get better. Learning english was very difficult. The coldness in the air was very hard to breath because in Honduras it was very hot.Also his first job was to wash cars. In winter it was very cold so it was frustrating. Nothing was easy. When he worked in the car wash he didn't earn alot of money so he swithed to working as a constructor. From there he was earning more money. That was Melvin's story about imigrating from Honduras to America.

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