By salaya J.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: Venezuela

This is the story of Mayda delgodo she was born in venezuela south amarica in 1989. She left her country for a more acidimic education reason. also she was trying to learn how to speek english. she came here because she learned how weamon fought for freedom in books,movies,news papers, and the news. Mayda got here by a plane. She brought an album of her friends and family,her favrot book,a few clothes,a recipy book,and her poem diary. What was hard leaving behind was her friends and family. She was treated realy good edsept she didnt know what they were saying so it was realy hard for her. What was hard about imigratingfrom her country to the u.s was the rules so what she did was she started watching the news.nothing was imagrating

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