New Jersey

By Jacob A.
Grade 7, New Jersey

I believe that recess should
be allowed in schools; it
allows students to gain free
time and exercise.

90% of school districts have
recess; it is a good time to
get kids moving. Students pay
more attention, because they
could have some time to get
their boredom out of their
system and have fun! Decrease
in playtime stops student's
concentration because they
have no time to think or talk,
so they talk in class.
Lunchtime cuts into recess,
which, according to the
majority of schools, gives
children only 15 minutes for
running around.

But recess could be after
school, and class can replace
recess to bolster academic
growth. Also, some teachers
are afraid that students may
be injured, so 40% of schools
have banned recess for the two
reasons. Recess' privilege is
having fun, but fun lowers US
international competition for
education's bar by replacing
classes. Both parents and
teachers think test scores
could be raised, and the
majority of adults think that
recess is only a nicety.

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