By Kimberly M.
Grade 7, Texas
Country of Origin: United States

.These people go through alot of stuff just to get to this wounderful land america. Some have to sneak out while the others have to fight there way out just to get here. But through all that they get o come to America.
I just dont now how they do it, but they are in a boat sourronded with 50 to 150 passengers with them if your in third class. If your in second or first you get cabins, but you still are sleeping with people you dont even know. The worst part about it is when the officers come to inspect the place. Find any types of diseases, and if they do find any they will ship you back to your land.
After you get done with the inspection,and pass you get to see the great land we call New York. Thats when they have to go see the doctors for there first check up in America. The only bad thing about this is that you might have to be put in another line with chalk on your clothing. This means that you have a diseas and need further inspection to see how harmful it is.
When they get done with that stage of the process, they have to o to the legal inspection. That's where they ask where and when you born just general question. I think this is the most intense part. The reason being you are only moments away from seeing your loved ones, and if you fail this stage they will send you back to your home land.
These people had a lot stuff done to them I think I couldn't do all that. They had a dream to get out of their home land. The one thing I love about this one is that they never gave up

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