By Marc O.
Grade 6, California

What would you do if
you were invited to teach your
favorite subject freely? Being
a teacher is about teaching
any subject that you are good
at and making your students
learn the subject well.
My favorite subject is math,
therefore, I would be teaching
7th grade math in school. The
way I would teach math is by
teaching step by step, and
making sure all students
understood every lesson. I
would have to study or review
the next lesson for the
students every day.
Being a teacher is a hard job
to complete, because you have
to study every day, plan what
questions you should put on a
test, make a study guide, and
assign papers for homework.
You should never be a teacher,
unless you have studied very
hard on all subjects and got
at least an A grade on your
subject(s) that you were going
to teach.

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