By Katie L.
Grade 4, Florida

My sister is 21 years old and she is my older sister.
She's is fun and pushy at the same time.But hey what do you have to say isn't that what older sister's are for.I love her and I hope she loves me back.No m attter what she does she is always there for me,and I am always there for her.she is my family and my only sister.she makes me laugh and makes me cry.But she is only one thing the most of all she is my sister,and nothing can stop me from that and I eman nothing can.She roots for me when I barrel race and I root for her when she barrl races.We are like two peas in a pot.Well kind of or most of ther time.But what I meant to be saying is that sisters are sisters and we are ones that love each other even if we bicker 3-4 times a day.We still forgive and forget and that;s what makes my sister Christy special!

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