By Ryan R.
Grade 5, Arizona

I chose to research Glacier Peak. I chose to research Glacier Peak because it sounded like a really good volcano to research and a really fun, too. The peak was found in the 1800’s but not put on a map until 1898. I used and other websites like for my research.
Glacier Peak erupted in 1775 and 12 times up to the present day. The volcano is a Cascade Range stratovolcano; a stratovolcano is made out of ashes and cinders. Glacier Peak is in the state of Washington, the country of the United States of America and in the continent of North America. The peak’s height is 10,541 feet high. The volcano’s status right now is dormant, means that it is inactive. The peak is dormant today and became dormant in 1775.
Glacier Peak has two hot springs on the volcano's lower flanks. Also I found that volcanoes have Scientists have numbered volcanoes but I didn’t find the mountain’s number. The volcano’s latitude is 48.11 and its longitude is -121.11. The peak was said to form 13,000 years ago but that is unknown. The volcano is the most active of the volcanoes in Washington. The volcano is 70 miles northeast of Seattle closer to that city than any volcano except Mount Rainer. The best time to climb the mountain is May, June, July and August. Most eruptions of Glacier Peak have been tephra eruption. (Tephra means the lava can flow from 500 – 600 miles.)
I felt that after all the research that Glacier Peak is an interesting volcano because the distance from Seattle. I hope that I can go to Washington state one day really soon to visit the volcano. I will never forget how small, snowy and how pretty Glacier Peak is. I think that the peak is a small volcano compared to others. The pictures of the peak I saw they show blankets of snow and ice.

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