By Heaven H.
Grade 5, Arizona

I chose to research Mount Shasta. It is located in Siskiyou County, California. Mount Shasta formed over 360,000 years ago. I chose this volcano because the name sounds interesting and sounds like there are a lot of great and fascinating facts. I used to research Mount Shasta.
Mount Shasta is a strato-volcano which means it is a volcano that is built up of alternate layers of lava and ash. My volcano is in The United States, in the state of California, and the city of Mount Shasta. The population is 3,621. Mount Shasta is actually formed by four over-lapping volcano cones. The oldest cone is called Sargents Ridge Cone which is on the south side of Mount Shasta. The next cone is called Missery Hill Cone which appeared less than 130,000 years ago. After the Missery Hill Cone, is called Shastina Cone which formed around 9,500 years ago. Then soon after Shastina Cone, came Hotlum Cone which is around 9,400 years old. Mount Shasta is 14,161 feet tall and 1,312.34 feet wide. The explosions of Mount Shasta have caused 45 deaths. Mount Shasta has erupted 11 times. The first eruption of Mount Shasta was over 9,700 years ago the last eruption was in 1786. It is currently dormant.
When Mount Shasta erupted it looked like a huge destruction. There was so much smoke that you couldn’t see the ocean behind it. After the eruption, there were only half of the trees and bushes left.
Researching Mount Shasta was a great experience for me. I like this volcano because there is a lot of amazing facts about it. I will never forget that the last eruption of Mount Shasta was in 1786 and hope that the next person that is able to research this volcano finds it very interesting like I did.

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