By Isaiah A.
Grade 5, Arizona

By Isaiah Aguilar # 1

The Agua volcano stands at 12,336 feet tall as a big volcano like all of the rest of Guatemala. I chose to research Agua because it sounded interesting. Agua is located in Guatemala along with lots of other volcanoes. I used and many websites about volcanoes to research about Agua.
Agua is a strato-volcano which is a large, steep volcano built up of altering layers of lava and ash or cinders. It was formed in Guatemala is about 80 thousand years ago. It is a very destructive volcano but it hasnít been active since the mid-16th century. The volcano is 12,336 feet tall. The location of Agua on the map using longitude and latitude is 14.5 N and 90.7 W. Agua has about 100,000 people living around it.

The probability of explosive eruptions at Agua volcano is less than the nearby Acatenango and Fuego volcanoes. Agua gets its name from an event that destroyed the old colonial capital at the western base of the mountain. The once water-filled crater spilled its contents in the year 1541 causing a lahar [an avalanche of volcanic water and mud] to flow into the city and terrorized all of the citizens. The mudflow destroyed the first Guatemalan capital city established by the Spanish conquistadors, which is now known as Ciudad Vieja. The catastrophe prompted the establishment of a new capital city at nearby Antigua. Agua has had no historical eruptions.

The summit of Agua contains a circular crater which is breached towards the north north east. The crater walls are vegetated [grown].Even though it hasnít erupted since the mid -16th century it is still a very dangerous volcano in Guatemala and for all the people living around it. I think that living in Guatemala with all of those volcanoes around you would be super horrifying and I would move away right away. Agua is the opposite of the twin volcanoes of Fuego and Acatenango
I had fun researching this volcano. I think Agua is the coolest volcano in all of Guatemala because it looks amazing over the Guatemalan cities in the picture. I also like how Agua looks in the background of the cross in the other picture. I hope that I can visit Agua some day in Guatemala. I will never forget how tall Agua is standing at 12,336 feet tall as one of the tallest volcanoes in all of Guatemala.

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