By Eduardo J.
Grade 5, Arizona

El Popo is the second highest in North America. I chose to research El Popo because thatís the country my dad and mom were
born in. El Popo is located in Mexico. El Popoís first ascent was in 1519. I used Google Search to gather information from El Popo.
El Popocatepetl (El Popo for short).El Popo is a stratovolcano. Stratovolcano means a volcano built of alternate layers of lava and ash. It is located in the city of Puebla, and itís included in the Ring of Fire. The last eruption of El Popo was in 2012 and the most violent eruption was in December 18, 2000. There were no deaths because everyone got evacuated before the volcano erupted. It is 17,802 feet high and 1968 ft. x 1312 ft. wide. The population around El Popo is about 1,400,000. Before 1927 El Popo was active, but after 1927 it became dormant. Then in 1994 El Popo woke up.
I felt excited researching El Popo because I got to learn about Mexico. I think itís sad how all the people that live around El Popo houses got destroyed when it erupted. I hope I can research El Popo again. I will never forget looking at a picture of El Popo with snow covering it and smoke coming out with clouds around the bottom of it.

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