North Carolina

By Tsara M.
Grade 8, North Carolina

Hairston Middle School

Dear Sir or Ma’am:

Teachers can be superheroes! Today’s society is very violent. Recently, a crazy gunman walked into an elementary school in Connecticut and opened fire. He killed more than 20 innocent children who were in their classrooms ready and willing to learn. Since this happen school safety has been a big deal. Should teachers be trained and allowed to carry guns in order to help keep schools safe?
Opponents to the idea of arming teachers argue that teachers are for educating young minds not scaring them by pulling out guns. Another thing being said is that teachers having guns is not going to solve problems it’s just going to create more problems. Another reason people would not want for teachers to be armed with a gun is, some kids argue with their teachers and tease them, if that teacher gets to his/hers boiling point who knows what will happen? Guns can change peoples life weather it’s good or bad. You never know what could happen.
Proponents of the idea of arming teachers in school agree feel that “ Some law enforcement officers support the idea…If you have somebody come in that’s mentally ill with a weapon and killing people, an administrator or teacher can figure that out” ( 2012). Also if you child was in danger in school I think that you would want your child’s teacher to take any steps possible to save your child’s life. “Republicans in at least six states plan to introduce legislation that would allow or require school staff to carry guns” (Huffington Post 2013).
Teachers being armed with guns is a good idea it will allow you child to be safe while in school. Kids should be able to go to school, learn and be safe all at once.

Although some people think that arming teachers is a bad idea for safety reasons, many states like North Dakota and Tennessee are already moving in that direction. Plus teachers will be trained to know how to use these weapons. Also they will know the right time to use the weapons and when not to pull them out. I think if you trust you children’s teachers to watch you children for five hours or more hours, then you should be able to trust the teachers with a weapon to save your child in case of emergency. These teachers could save your child.
If trained properly, teachers can become the superheroes of the 21st century. Teachers will be able to prevent bad things happening to there kids. Schools could be safer and people will think twice before doing harm to kids in elementary school. Arming teachers could change to world, only if every one is on the same page. Some schools have already started to get on board, but will you make the right decision and think of the children.

Sincerely Yours,
Tsara M.

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