By James F.
Grade 9, Indiana

Animal cloning is a very bad thing. I think that cloning is very bad due to the animal side of this experiment. Despite the money and the years of research of this project over 95-percent of cloning experiments fail. It also involves defects such as: Birth defects, physiological impairments, illness, and premature death all happen a lot.
Problems happen with cloning more than any other reproduction method. There are lots of syndromes to these baby animals and lots of abnormalities. Not only that but consumers to not want their meat cloned. This is due to animal suffering and in fact most humans think it is morally wrong.
Although there are lots and lots of bad sides to cloning there is the good sides to this experiment. We can enhance the reproduction of endangered species. Another good side to this is organs can be created for people in need of a transplant. Cloned organs of a pig are found to be suitable for human bodies and being able to replace these organs without being rejected by the body’s immune system is great.
Also you can create a better gene pool while conducting cloning. This can be used to cure illness and also reverse heart attacks this is done by cloning their health hear cells and injecting them into needy areas of the heart.
Due to these facts that I have just stated I believe that human cloning is a good thing and that there are little too few problems with these tests.

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