By Kelly B.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

My Grandparents both lived exciting lives during the times of World War II. I had a very interesting and fun interview with them.
My Grandpa was 12 when the US got involved in the war. He remembers living on the Hudson River in New York. He loved watching the ships and cargo coming in from the war. He and his friends used to watch the river in Study Halls. Once, his friend pretended that he was reading a newspaper when he really was watching the ships. A teacher saw that the newspaper was upside down, and his friend got in big trouble.
My Grandma was 8 when Pearl Harbor was bombed. The thing she remembers most about the war are all the war songs and growing Victory Gardens. In 4th grade, she grew a little Victory Garden with her red wigged, clunky-shoed teacher named Mrs. Norris. She also remembers having soldiers come to her house for shelter every other night or so. She once fancied a soldier that had met Ginger Rogers, a famous dancer!

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