By Andy M.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

ōBullets barreled through the air discharging off the steel flanks of our M-61 tank blood cascading from the corpses of fallen GIĘsö These are the kinds of stories one might expect to get from a man speaking of WW2 but not Dick D. Dick was only eight years old when the war commenced. Although Dick was not dueling with the Germans in Europe or the Japanese in the South Pacific the war still greatly affected his life. He remembers some of the rationed items and how difficult it was to get them. Gas, Rubber, Sugar, and Chocolate, DickĘs favorite were all rationed. Dick remembers waiting in line for tickets to get these items. He watched how motivated Americans became when they identified and focused in on a cause and pursued. He thought that it had something to do with the fact that World War One was barley 20 years earlier. However when V-J day arrived he did very little celebrating. He merely basked in the overall feeling of unity and patriotism. This is the story of Dick D. and his life during WW2.

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