By Tara M.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Cono was in school when he heard about the bombing in Pearl Harbor. He was only sixteen, turning seventeen, and was drafted into the Navy. He said in the Navy you always had good food. But, while he was serving, he always thought about home and his family. He knew they were showing their patriotism by planting victory gardens, hanging stars in their windows, buying victory bonds, and saving their tickets. Cono was very good friends with Chief Paxton. They were both first class seaman on a ship. But when Chief Paxton got shot he was sad, but that didnĘt stop him from completing his service in the Navy. Cono did very well in the war. Things were very hard for him, but he survived. Now, Cono is 76, not retired doing hardwood floors with a wife three kids and four grandchildren. He lives at his house in Havertown, Pa. He completed his job in the war.

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