By Dan B.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Four brothers off at war, the only child home, and only nine years old. This is what it was like for Joseph R of Highland Falls, New York. Joseph had two brothers in the Army Air Force, and two in the Navy. His family had a banner with four blue stars on it and when his brother, Edward, died, there were three blue stars and one gold. Edward was aboard the U.S.S. McCormmick and died after three kamikaze planes attacked it. One was shot down, one missed and went into the sea, but the other hit right in the middle of low portside. His cousin was also killed in war. The plane was suspected to be shot by a Destroyer ship. He was missing in action, later found dead. The plane was M.I.A. and found forty years late on an island off New Guinea with Joseph R's cousin and the three other crew members remains. So Joe Rafferty lost a cousin and a brother during the heartbreaking war of World War II, and only got to play with three out of four brothers from that point on.

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