By Samuel B.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

War and rationing is hard on everyone and its not any easier when your 16. Annabelle B grew up in Belprie Ohio during WWII and gave many sacrifices on the home front. Her father fished a lot so they ate fish almost every night because it was almost impossible to get meat because of the rationing. She also remembers a terrible margarine substitute that needed a food dye capsule to get the color to look substantial for margarine. When the war ended she was relieved. It meant she could get all the rationed items back and things could go back to normal. But thatĘs not always easy especially when you have lost someone close to you. Even if it was just someone in the community, things would never be the same and she knew that. The war changed everyone it came in contact with, but when you find good in that it is a true demonstration of strength.

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