By Katherine M.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Geri was a mere 13 years old when the war began. World War II was tough especially since things like sugar, butter, shoes and nylon were rationed. When her shoes would wear out and she didnĘt have another ration ticket she would have to take them to a tailor to sew them back together. Geri and her family collected victory stamps to help support the war. Other people might have bought war bonds. Her Grandmother had a victory garden. She remembers seeing something called newsreel at the movies, which was a 3 to 5-minute film about the events in the war. The whole town had a curfew of 10:00when the lights had to go off. On the night of her prom she had a friend whose mom owned the movie theater and they got to stay up all night (past curfew) watching movies. That one night of fun was very rare during these times, thing were very tough. When she heard about the bombing she was upset at how many lives were taken away but, she was happy the war was over. On V-J Day she got let out of school early and celebrated the victory over Japan with her family. Next time you think that things are tough, think of the people who lived during the Great Depression and then going strait into the war.

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