By Steffie S.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Jacky, a third grader at the age of eight was at a Christmas party at her grandfathers club when she first heard of the horrid attacks on Pearl Harbor. JackyĂs father trained dogs to be war dogs. His work was about two blocks away from their house so their family could be near each other. Also, JackyĂs father cut down a lot of wood with just his hands and an ax. He had to cut it himself because he didnĂt have enough money to buy any wood. Then he built them a tree house from scratch. Also he built a roller-coaster in their back yard that really worked. Another thing they couldnĂt afford were toys. Because of this Jacky built a paper doll that she shared with her sisters. Sometimes they didnĂt have things because they didnĂt have enough money, but other time is was because items were rationed. These items consisted of, gas, sugar, meat, rubber, shoes, clothes, and nylons. The family did have a victory garden in their backyard that everyone took care of. Jacky thought it was fun everyday to go outside to the backyard and water the garden. She was twelve when she heard about D-Day. Jacky was very happy although she was hoping it would be on her birthday because her birthday was near. Jack thought Hitler was rather evil and did not like him at all but still wasnĂt scared so she felt safe in her neighborhood. ˘ I think Americans of today could get motivated like we did in WWII. I am surprised we have the motivation for the current events in September 11th.

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