By TJ K.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

For an English project about WWII, we had to interview someone who lived during WWII. My grandmother came in handy, so she was interviewed. She participated in serious questions such as: ˘Did any of your family members/ friends go off to war? Did they all return?÷ She said, ˘ My brother Paul went off to war and he said it was really scary. He came back a few months later than my other brother Ben.÷ My grandmother didnĂt exaggerate her memories, which was good. Here are some more answers to the questions I asked her.

*÷How old were you when the war began?÷
Answer:÷ I was thirteen when Canada (her home country) entered WWII. I was an 8th grader at the time.÷

*÷When V-J (Victory over Japan) Day came, how did you celebrate?÷
Answer: ˘The whole streets of the city were packed with people celebrating, so I took my boyfriend, my friend, and her boyfriend to join them. A lot of people danced in the park until past midnight!÷

It was great for me to get such surprising facts. My grandma was extremely participative!

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