By Anna R.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: The Netherlands

All the way from Den-Helder, Holland By: Anna R. This is a story about my friend Patricia and how she came to America from Holland. She was born in Den-Helder, Holland and when she was four years old her father got a job in America. She came to America on a ship. The trip across the Atlantic Ocean took one week. One night they had dinner with the captain and he gave them gifts. The ship docked in New York Harbor and from there they moved to Kenosha. The schools in Holland have four different levels and the kids stay until 5:00p.m. They have one hour for lunch so they come home and have lunch with their mothers. In Holland the fathers work and the mothers stay home with the children. Most families are rather small with one or two children. They play a lot of the same sports as we do in America. However they call soccer football. In Holland everyone gets around on bikes and they attach large tubs to their bikes to carry groceries. Patricia didnĘt remember much from living there but she does go back to visit. She said she enjoys the food and listening to the people speaks in Dutch. Patricia said that as much as she likes Holland, she is glad her family moved to America.

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