By Melissa L.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: United States

I talked to Daniel M. He said he was born in Ooze, Michigan. He said he moved from Rhine lander, WI.He said he moved in February, 2001. He said he moved to get a new job. DanielĂs sister,Roseanne,moved to Kenosha in 1988, and his brother Dale moved there in 1990.Daniel said, ˘My sister and brother moved for a better school in 1990.÷ He also said, ˘My brother wanted to find a new job.÷ I asked Daniel what their trip was like? He told me it was a short, easy trip moving from Illinois. It took 5 hours to get there and it was very unsettling, because they didnĂt known what to expect with the new move. I asked Daniel what his first impression of the new home was? He said it was too crowded. I asked him if he brought anything special. He said that he brought George who is his dog and his buddy. I asked him, ˘In what ways is life in your home different from where you lived before?÷ He said, ˘You donĂt known anyone.÷

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