By Alex H.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: United States

Over The River and Through the Woods to Vermont and Back I Go... Did you ever know someone who had to move away from all his friends and family? I do and his name is William C. H., also know as my grandpa. he was born in Kenosha in 1930. At age 9 ,my grandpa had to move to Vermont. His father had worked for a company called Allen -A Hosiery in Kenosha.After a terrible labor strike,the company closed its doors and moved to Bennington, Vermont and so did my grandpas family. All seven people drove in one car. My grandpa said, It was a very long and uncomfortable trip. It took two days for them to get there. They moved into a bigger home then the one in Kenosha. It had twelve rooms. When I asked my grandpa if he got to bring anything with him he stated, I only got to bring my red bike. My grandpa liked Vermont because he liked all of the beautiful mountains and the snow. After two years, my grandpas family decided to move back to Kenosha. His father took a job at a company called MacWhite. They has rented out their Kenosha home, so they could move back to the same home. My grandpa said, I really missed all my friends and relatives and I was really happy to come back to Kenosha.

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