By Zach S.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

William Mcgarvey was an eight-year-old schoolboy when the year began. He was very adventurous, but he was limited to just playing with the neighborhood boys when the rationing of products began to take place in his city. He paid very close attention to the war, and even got to celebrate when D-Day and V-J Day came. ˘ We all went outside to wave flags and bang pots and pans all day long.÷ There were some hard times for young Will. He listened to the frightening news about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He even got a telegram saying that his uncle had been wounded in battle. Will never had a soft spot for Hitler and Emperor Hirohito. ˘ Everyone thought that Hitler was a rat and a scoundrel, and the emperor was regarded in the same way.÷ He also planted a victory garden, a garden that would grow vegetables, which would be shipped off to the hungry soldiers at war. But the city he lived in felt the pressure of war. Mothers would cry every day, and families would check their mail everyday for a war telegram. For if you got a telegram from the War Department, it was the same as getting a death note from a soldier.
By the time the interview was over, I couldnĂt stop staring at my Grandfather. All of this information, hidden from the world for so many years. I was surprised by the information he told me. It was the kind of interview that I would have never expected. It must have been hard to live the life of a young schoolboy during World War II. My Grandfather, however, kept himself busy through the years. But I will never forget what my Grandfather told me that day. The stories were priceless, and they will be told in my family for generations to come.

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