By Zach J.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: United States

Im interviewing my mother, Dawn. She was born in Illinois. She moved from Zion. She moved to Kenosha in 1983. She moved here to live with her boyfriend, which was my dad. Some of her aunts and uncles moved to Kenosha from Illinois. They moved to Kenosha when my mom was a little girl. They moved there because their jobs were in Kenosha. Her trip to Kenosha took about 20 minutes. When she moved to Kenosha, she was kind of scared it was much larger than Zion. She brought all of her stuff with her to Kenosha. Her life was different because she had to start paying her own bills. But she also had her own apartment, and she started her own life. Here are some questions I asked my mom.Mom, was it hard starting a life in Kenosha?, and my mom said, No, I was excited about living in Kenosha. Another question I asked is if it was hard finding places in Kenosha? She said,No, because I lived close to Kenosha before I moved there. The last question I asked her,was if life was better here, or in Zion,and she said,It was easier in Zion, because I was living with my parents, and when she moved here she had to take care of my self. My mom lived her first 18 years in Illinois, and she has been in Kenosha for the recent 19 years. And she also still visits family in Illinois.

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