By Jolie C.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

Hey readers want to hear about an immigrant. How about Egrain C. ? Know him, no well he was born and immigrated from Ponce Puerto Rico in 1984. He came to America ˘For a better way of life . Also a better paying job. An opportunity to have a family in a better environment. Another reason I came is because the hospitals and schools are more advance. So my kids would have a better life. His mom and sister immigrated before him in 1983. Three of his brothers immigrated here in 1976. In 1968 another two of his brothers immigrated to America. He said, ˘I was very excited to come to a new country and see my family members I had not seen for a while.÷ When he got there he said, ˘I was amazed on the size of the airport. Also surprised on the temperature change. And impressed by the sky scrapers in Down Town Chicago.÷ I asked him if he brought an item. He said ˘Yes, I brought a necklace with the Puerto Rico Island my name in the middle, because it was a gift from my mom. And a reminder of my home land.÷ ˘In Puerto Rico I was a full time student I work part time in the mayors office building for the secretary filing and other duties.÷ And in my country ˘Schools are free just like here, buses are free paid by the government.÷ For fun he played basketball and baseball. Then I ask him, ˘ Are there any different holiday?÷ ˘The different holiday is Christmas. Its Always warm and celebrated on the 6th January. Also El Grito Da Lares is when the Indians fought back to keep the Island.÷

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