By Broderick C.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: Pakistan

American Immigrant Interview I learned that people come to America for freedom of choice and that they relocate for many different reasons. Although it was not stated in my interview I realize by looking at television that life in Pakistan may be very chaotic and hard to live from day to day. The women there do not have the right to learn nor go to school, and their childrenĘ dependency is merely on the father because the mother cannot work. The people that come to America get an opportunity to learn whether they are a man, woman, or a child. There are better opprotunities as far as getting better paying jobs and better living arrangements. My interpretation of Muhammad A. coming to America is that he wanted to come to a place where his aunt and uncle lived for a better life and a better education. I think he did not bring anything special because he wanted to leave his life behind, and thatĘs why he did not bring anything. Muhammad felt good about leaving Pakistan because he would be in a place he had never been before, and probably heard so many good things from his aunt and uncle here in America. January 3, 2002

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