By Rachael B.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: United States

Interviewing Grandma The person I interviewed was my grandma Clarice. Clarice was born in the state of Oklahoma in a community village called White Chapel. Her family moved to South Canadian river when she was only three years old. Clarice also lived on a farm in Eufaula on which her family grew corn,peanuts,cotton,hay,flour, sugar,and peacons. she learned cook,clean,iron,firewood,and to get water from a pump which was one fourth of a mile away from their house at an early age. Her parents knew that school was very important so they had to go to school. They had to walk because they didnÆt have a car to ride in. There were times that they had to their homework. ClariceÆs mother would help them with their math and spelling. Her parentÆs names were Ezekiel and Mable. She had four sisters and two brothers. after she graduated from Eufaula high schooling 1957(may 26) she moved to Oklahoma City. Clarice first job was working as an elevator operator at the Black Stone Hotel downtown. Then she decided to move to Detroit,Michigan in hopes of her dreams of being an accountant. She worked odd jobs then went to school for a while. Then she met a nice man Jerry and got married. Her husband was a minister who felt that God wanted him to move Kenosha,Wisconsin. So in the month of September in 1966, they sold their house in Detroit,Michigan. She raised 7 children then returned to the university of Parkside for learning to be a social psychologist. Clarice said that her trip was a mixed of emotions because she didnÆt want to leave her house and friends. Her first impression of Wisconsin was that some people were very rude and asked personal question. She also liked to go see movies and basketball games . The movie tickets were 50 cents or 15 cents. She mostly celebrated thanksgiving and Christmas. And thatÆs the interview that I do on my grandma.

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