By Keith S.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: United States

Could you imagine traveling half way around the United States on a train crowded with people? Well, Helen S. did just that and that is who we will be talking about. She was born in Wheaton, Minnesota on August 9, 1922. She moved from Wheaton, Minnesota to Washington, D.C on January, 1942. I asked her why she moved and she said, ˘ I moved to get a better job.÷ Then i asked her if any family members moved before her and she said no. I asked her how her trip was and she said, ˘ I came by train and it was long, crowded, but ok.÷ I asked her what her first impressions of her new home were and she said that it was very crowded , different, warmer, different scenery and different things to look at like monuments,and there were blackouts because of the war. I asked her if she brought anything special and she said she did not bring anything special but jewelry. Then i asked her in what ways it was different from her old house and she said that there were different people, different house, didnĂt have to make your own meals, new scenery, and rode a street car instead of walking to work. Another question i asked her was how did it change your life and she said, ˘ I learned how to do different things, i saw new things, and i had new life experiences. The last thing i asked her was if she ever wanted to move back and she said she wouldnĂt want to move back because of the temperature and the scenery. Now you know what it is like to travel from one place to another.

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