By Erik B.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: Austria

The American Immigrant that I interveiwed was a woman by the nam Elisabeth H. She is a neighboor of my grandparents in Illionois. Mrs. Hoffman was born in Salzburg, Austria. Austria is located in Europe. The countries that border it are Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Yugoslavia. In 1960 Mrs. H. came from Austria for a visit to see the U.S. Her trip was interesting because it was her first plane ride and she landed in New York. Her first imression the U.S. was ˘taller buildings, people from different nations, and freedom of speech.÷ It was also hard for Mrs. H. to communicate because she did not speak English. In Austria she spoke German. She brought many books from Austria. She let me look at them, but I couldĂnt read them because they were in German. She also brought Schillings and Grosehen, the Austrian currency. Mrs. H. was a farmer in Austria. Here in America she is a housewife. In our conversation I found out that Austria has many cities and nine states. It is also ˘beautiful, friendly, clean, has large lakes, and huge mountians,÷ like Mt. Grossglockngn. Austria is most famous for great composers like Mozart and Beethoven, and huge castles. Mrs. H. is a duel status citezen with Austrian citizenship and a green card for the U.S.

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