By Melissa B.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: Germany

Oral History Project Hi! My name is Melissa B and the person I interveiwed was Leo J. F. Have you ever been to Germany? I know a person that moved from Germany to America. Let me tell you what it was like. Leo is my great-grandfather and was born in 1910. His dad came to America Before the rest of the family and sent for trhem seven years later.In Germany his mother and brothers took care of the 10-acre farm and animals. The oldest boy had to a job to support the family. In wartime, the Covacks tried to take all their animals for food and even burned down their school. It was a hard life for them. In 1917, they began their jorney to America on an old boat For a trip that lasted 17 days. They stayed in the lowest level of the ship and only had fish to eat. If a person died during the trip, they were thrown overboard and buried at sea incase they had a disease. When he came to America, he thought it was wonderful. All of their possessions were packed in a beatiful trunk grandfather still owns today. They continued their jorney over land to reach their father in Chicago where they lived in a small apartment. They alkl started school in America, something they were unable to do in Germany, and had to learn how to speak English. In school, People called him Greenhorn. That was the name of the people who came from another country. Hope you enjoyed this story of my great-grandfather I know I sure did. By: Melissa B.

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