By Daniel L.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: Guam

A View of an Immigrant I have a neighbor named Amy M. She was born in Port smith, Virginia. Amy moved to Guam with her family, because her dad is in the military. Amy moved back to the United States in the year 2000 again, because her father being in the military. None of AmyĘs family members moved first to Wisconsin, they came as a family. Her trip to Wisconsin was tiring, because they stopped at many places, and she also thought it was interesting to see things in the United States. She really didnĘt want to move, because she would have to leave her family members and friends behind. She brought pictures, and presents to remind her of her past. She said that the seasons are different in Guam, because it is always hot. Amy also said that the food in Guam was different not the same food in Wisconsin and the time is different because people do not keep track of of time as closely as we do. Written By Danny L

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