By meredith f.
Grade 6, Wisconsin
Country of Origin: Ireland

Immigrating From Dublin, Ireland By: Medbh F. My dad immigrated from Dublin Ireland to America in May of Ę96. His name is Gerard B.F. and he had lived in Ireland all of his life. My dad moved here because of a job that paid better and he had always wanted to come here as a kid. When my dad got out of collage he got a job in England then in Ireland and Virginia Now he has a good job in Wisconsin. When my dad first got here he thought that it was really warm and the cars were HUGE. When he lives in Ireland he celebrated most of the same holidays as we do except Thanksgiving and 4th of July. They have BIG celebrations for Halloween and St. PatrickĘs Day. For fun there my dad went to pubs and traveled. Because Ireland is not very big and you can go anywhere very easily. Sports and the same except they call soccer football and football American football. My dad is glad that he moved here and he really likes it.

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