By Diem T.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Vicki O***** is a Senior Citizen in my neighborhood. She is sixty-nine years old and is quite interesting. We sat down and had pudding while she thought back to the year 1941 when the tragic World War II started. Vicki O***** was eight years old on December 7th, 1941 when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Her family didnĘt find out until a couple days later until they had the news on the radio. She said that news didnĘt travel as fast back then as it does today. She just started 3rd grade in the city of Philadelphia. But, she wasnĘt at school because it was a Sunday when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Their whole family, neighbor, and school - everyone was shocked when they found out. Her family lived across from the Philadelphia Navy Yard so the were told to save metal scarps and re-use fat. They lived in a city so there wasnĘt much land to farm on. Though some people did have land. VickiĘs family didnĘt. So there werenĘt able to plant a Victory Garden. In school many kidĘs dads were fighting in the war so that was a popular subject to talk about in school. Luckily her father wasnĘt drafted so their family was so overjoyed! Going to the movie were a common thing during the war. The Orsinis would go to the movies every week. She remembered when going to the movies was only ten cents a person and when it went up to twelve cents a person. Then came the day everyone was waiting for. V.J. Day came and everyone was jumping around, kissing strangers, having parties, dancing, it was just a lot of happiness. I really enjoyed the time I spent with Vikki. She told me various stories that will stick with me forever. She says I know more about her war experiences then her children do! Well I really enjoyed the interview and I hope it was the same with

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